The Lions Club as been around since 1917 with over 1.3 million members in 207 countries making it one of the largest service organizations on the planet.   Melvin Jones a 38 year old business man residing in Chicago Illinois asked a very simply question, a question that forever change the world.  What if people from the community brought their talents together to improve the community?  And with that the making of Lions Club was born.  In just a few short years (3 years to be exact) Canada and Mexico followed suit and the Lions Club truly became a international club with visions to help those in need.

Today the Lions Club has extended their services to all four corners of the globe exceeding the expectations of the founders  The Lions Club is vastly becoming the leader in providing assistance on a global scale to many communities through the generosity of its members and support from their communities.

Welcome to the Elgin's Lions Club

Elgin Ontario Canada

A recognized charter of Lions Club International​